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Welcome to Drink Real

We are the real Thing Ltd.,
and we create real drinks.  

ZZZING 1034.jpg

ZZZING is that thing that makes you exciting and interesting.

What Makes Us real


Organic, Crafted from natural ingredients, Devoid of preservatives and food coloring.

Low Sweetness Level

Derived only from fruit sugar, no artificial sweeteners.

Fun & Tasty

Featuring updated, sophisticated, and unique flavors.
Refreshing and sparkling.

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We are the real Thing Ltd.,
and we create real drinks

Drawing on our extensive experience and deep understanding of the natural beverage market, we've crafted a distinctive product line focusing on health-conscious and customer-oriented flavors.


Choose Your Drink

ZZZING 181_edited.jpg

ZZZing Hibiscus & Pomegranate organic sparkling tea drink

REAL 179_edited.jpg

Serènio – Mediterranean Cooler - Spearmint

ZZZING 885_edited_edited.jpg

ZZZing Ginger & Apricot organic sparkling green tea drink

REAL 180_edited_edited.png

Serènio – Mediterranean Cooler

Organic sparkling alcoholic drink

We believe that real drinks can spark a revolution in your market.

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